Welcome to MailStorm v2. Unlike the old MailStorm, MailStorm v2 is automated and doesn't have an interface to adjust settings.

MailStorm v2 works better in the way it identifies junk mail. It's an intelligent Bayesian filter that also uses information from the RBLs to set the score. When mail arrives at Glisnet, MailStorm reads the e-mail and if it decides it is junk mail, it rejects the e-mail. A message is sent back to the sender that the e-mail message was rejected. The message will read:

Mail appears to be unsolicited If not forward to mailstorm-mistakes@mailstorm.com.

The sender should forward the message to mailstorm-mistakes@mailstorm.com.
These messages are hand checked and the legitimate senders are added to an approved list.

  - How do I add e-mail addresses to a whitelist?

We also maintain a white-list, whenever you e-mail somebody the system will remember who you e-mailed and if they were to send you an e-mail their messages will not be blocked.

If you wish to add e-mail addresses, send an e-mail to whitelist@mailstorm.com with the subject line
"white list" (w/o quotes) and then add e-mail addresses one per line, the system will then add the e-mail addresses to the white-list.

  - What do I do if I get junkmail?

If you get junkmail, forward those messages to junk@mailstorm.com and the system will add it to the junk mail word list.

  - I like MailStorm and I want to keep it, but I think it's rejecting legitimate emails.
    What can I do?

If you feel that MailStorm is rejecting legitimate emails, we can look into the issue. You can email admin@glis.net and let us know more about the problem. We can then take a look into it, and hopefully find a solution.

Usually, the more information we have about your problem the better. If you find that MailStorm seems to be blocking your legitimate mail, please let us know what email address you are supposed to be receiving from as well any IP or Email addresses that should be added to our whitelist.

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